How To Download

So many people may find it difficult to download from our site because of one problem or another, especially our monetizations system. we have written this post to guide you for safe and easy downloads from this site.

Steps on How To Download

Click On A Movie You Want to Download from this site. Then on the post, choose the preferred server (if any) or simply choose “DOWNLOAD MOVIE” because some videos may be uploaded in only one server.

Now, it has finished loading. You will see a site asking you to confirm You are not A Robot (Screenshot below). Click on the I’m Not A Robot and wait for it to mark it good as in the below screenshots.

NOTE: You will see Popups or Pop under Adverts in this Page, Just close the popup and continue. its responsive, so it wont close the current page.

How To Download

How To Download

Now Click Continue, Then wait for it to load. once it finished loading, A screen will show you A Countdown starting from 12 Seconds as in the below screenshot.

How to Download

After the countdown finish, Click on The Button showing GET LINK as in the below screenshot.

How To Download

In the next screen after loading is the server where you will download the movie.

NOTE: You might experience Popunder or Popup Ads In the site for downloading. Thanks

More Tips:

You can easily get the download links just by using link generator ste.

Copy the link in our site then Visit, paste it in the box in the site and then click Generate.

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